Urban Hydroponics

Make your own fresh vegetables

It all starts with the simple thought “why not plant my own vegetables for my salad?”.
Every day, delicious vegetables of dubious nutritional value, grown under unknown conditions, arrive at our table. We want to know what we are eating.

Self-cultivation is the safest solution. But life in the city is tantamount to a lack of space, time and specialized knowledge.

Urban Hydroponics is developing an innovative urban farming system aiming to offset the above obstacles. The system gives you the opportunity to grow your own fresh and healthy vegetables and aims at the self-sufficiency of your production in the cultivated species that you have chosen.

Home hydroponics on balconies, courtyards, terraces

Urban Hydroponics deals with amateur hydroponics.

Hydroponics is the future of cultivation and is widely developed as a professional solution (greenhouses). Hydroponic cultivation is done without soil substrate and the plants get the necessary nutrients from an aqueous solution circulating in a closed plastic tube.
We cultivate hydroponics because:

  • we have maximum output as we accurately control plant growth conditions
  • we optimize the output of our production per unit area (growth in height)
  • we are environmentally friendly (we save up to 40% water)

The innovative fertigation controller

At Urban Hydroponics we have built a home, affordable water hydroponic system that allows the resident of the city to cultivate his own vegetables despite the lack of space, time and specialized knowledge.

The Urban Hydroponics cultivation system works without soil, with an innovative hydroponic controller, utilizing efficiency the established technologies and strategically adopting the new (Internet of Things).

The ferigation controller performs the necessary checks and depending on the needs of each plant, it replenishes water and nutrients in a nutrient solution that feeds the plants when needed. The controller acts automatically to maintain optimal cultivation conditions while the user needs to act only for the basic maintenance of the system or in cases of unbalanced factors (power outage, water). In addition, by using widely available, low-cost materials, we are able to keep costs low without compromising functionality.

Our ultimate goal is a hydroponic production system that does not require specialized knowledge, that makes the most of your limited space and ultimately produces daily fresh vegetables that meet your needs.

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Urban Hydroponics in action
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